Best Tips to handle your pressure washer to last long.

pressure washer

Technology has made it possible to handle several tasks easily, whether at home or in the office. For instance, when doing extreme cleaning at home, you can use a Max. Water pressure washer instead of doing the task manually. The idea helps you save time and energy. Besides, you can clean areas you couldn’t reach when doing the cleaning manually and leave every area spotlessly clean. However, when you purchase the machine, you expect it to serve you for a long time to get value for your money. That is why this article explores the best ideas on how you can care and maintain your pressure washer for good service. Read on to understand better.

Tips on How to Care for Your Pressure Washer

  • Always flush the pump after using it

The pressure washer system is quite direst. You simply connect the washer to the nearby water source through an attachment point from the garden horse. When the water starts flowing in the machine, the pump increases the pressure higher. As far as pressure is concerned, you need to note two parts of pulling out the pressure; the motor and the pump. The pump can easily get damaged if you don’t handle it appropriately. In most instances, the damage comes from corrosion due to continuous water exposure. This means that some amount of water remains in the pump once you have accomplished the washing task. To avoid such damages, always flush your pump immediately after using it.

If you want to flush out all the water effectively, you will need an antifreeze that you will attach to the inlet port through the in-built hose. Once you have fixed it properly, press the trigger until you see a whitish foam through the hose port.

  • Use approved cleaning fluids for pressure washers.

Do not use any other detergents and bleach fluids with the hope of getting satisfying results. The unrecommended washing liquids can cause extreme damage to the pump. In addition, different soaps are meant for different purposes when using a pressure washer. For instance, the approved detergent to use while cleaning a car using a pressure washer might not work effectively when you want to remove concrete.

  • Always replace the rubber O-rings regularly.

The pressure washer has rubber rings that seal ends like an inlet port, spray gun, and hose connection port. When used for a longer period, these rings will become flat, chipped, and irrelevant as they cannot channel the water as required. Do not wait until such a moment; always check how strong they are before starting your pressure washer.

  • Don’t leave the soap particles in the machine when storing.

Soap particles can easily dry and form crystals that can cause damage to the pump. Therefore, after using the machine, always check any soap particles and clear them thoroughly before storing the pressure washer.


A pressure washer is a strong, reliable machine used for cleaning purposes. However, after you buy it, you must learn how to maintain it regularly to avoid inconveniences that might come up due to poor maintenance. Use this guide as your starting point.


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