USB-C Cable Can Charge Your iPhone X Fast


Fast charging is one of the most welcome additions to smartphones in recent years, allowing users to quickly and conveniently add hours of battery life to their handheld devices. It’s a good idea, but only if you have the proper chargers and cables. Despite its many advantages, the iPhone X lacks a few essential features. You’ll need a USB c cord to lightning cable and a good USB-C charger for fast charging on your iPhone X. Not everything has to bear the Apple logo.

How Fast You Can Charge Your iPhone Using a USB Cable?

The lightning connector on iPhones can be compared to a different type of USB connector, albeit one that is proprietary to Apple. The same USB data transfer and power rules are in effect. – A 5V/1A charger and USB 2.0 data transfer rate were the only options available prior to the iPhone 8. (5W). However, the USB Power Delivery (PD) support significantly increased the iPhone’s charging capabilities.

By opening up support beyond 5V, USB PD expands power capabilities up to 100W. In fact, USB PD supports up to 20V. In a nutshell, the host (phone) and charger must support the USB PD protocol for these higher power rates to be negotiated. Fortunately, charging your iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes is possible with the right tools.

How Fast is the USB PD Charging?

To accurately estimate the speed of charging with USB PD, one must consider the wide range of battery capacities as well as the variability of USB PD charging. Using 18W USB Power Delivery, large battery capacity phones can be fully charged in about an hour and a half. Charge times for large-capacity laptops with 65W chargers can range from one to two hours.

In contrast to laptops, smartphone batteries do not like to be charged at high voltages. Fast charging for smartphones typically uses high voltages and currents (5V or 9V).

At 9V, the closest USB PD voltage setting, the maximum power is limited to 27W, which is significantly slower than 9V. USB Power Delivery smartphones, on the other hand, rarely use more than 18-20 Watts of power, even when connected to a 3A USB port.

End Thoughts

Using a USB-C charger with a USB-C to lightning cable is one of the best ways to ensure that your Apple device charging will continue to work in the future. Apple is expected to switch from lightning to USB-C on iPhones. No one knows when this will happen, but it has already happened with the iPad Pro.

This means that when the new devices are released, you won’t need your USB-C to Lightning cable because you’ll already have a high-quality USB-C charger on hand. But make sure to buy only quality USB-C from a trusted like UGREEN. Several reviews show that UGREEN passed the tests consumers have conducted and also fulfilled the charging performance as promised. That means you’ll be able to quickly charge any new Apple products they release right out of the box. This is good news for all Apple product users as they do not have to wait for hours to charge their devices.


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